When we were young we were learned in school that pot is a "gateway drug" .  I've often wondered is that because:

  1. Once you start using pot you'll search for bigger and bigger highs (as we were taught)

  2. Purchasing pot where it's illegal introduces you and desensitizes you to dealing with that criminal infrastructure. So purchasing it from a drugstore or bodega would reduce the chances someone moving to harder drugs.
Posted: Feb 19, 2019

Under Pres. Bush (43) and Pres. Obama I commented that I don't believe that this country should be run by executive fiat. I repeat that comment today. No executive orders, no national emergencies, no agency regulations. Although the President is more powerful than any individual Congressperson, we are not a monarchy, the executive branch should be weaker than the legislative branch. This has nothing to do with The Wall, or being against Trump.

True REPUBLICans believe that this is a republic of states and not a democracy. All States need to be represented in these decisions.

The EXECUTive branch's job is the execute the laws enacted by congress within the budget laid out by congress.

Posted: Feb 15, 2019

I love craigslist!

Posted: Feb 8, 2019