This is not the post I was planning on making tonight….

I’ve been working on a new piece of functionality for the blog which would automagicly change the side image / menu icon based on the the season / month / holiday / my mood / etc.  This would make that part of the site feel a little more dynamic.

Since it’s the beginning of December I had set things up to change the side image to a Christmas tree and the icon to a snowflake.  I saw it change at midnight was was preparing a post announcing it when I heard about President Bush (41)’s passing.  So I swapped out the image to a portrait of the President and changed the icon to the American Flag (font awesome doesn’t give me a half mast option).  I plan on keeping things this way until his funeral after which the Christmas Decoration will go up.

I’ll post the module in a couple of days (I want to refactor the code) but I like the functionality.

Posted: Dec 1, 2018

RIP George HW Bush

Posted: Dec 1, 2018