I have two thoughts about this:

  1. I have no idea why mailing back absentee ballots requires postage. This is something that I believe out taxes should pay for and it shouldn't cost much because the infrastructure is already in place. you're paying for the trucks gas and personnel if the ballots are being mailed or not. The change in cost is incremental.
  2. Who the heck doesn't know how to buy a stamp? In kindergarten my class wrote letters (may it was a card) to our parents, addressed the envelope, walked to the post office, bought a stamp and mailed it. IN KINDERGARTEN.
  Posted: Oct 16, 2018

Sign that I'm approaching 50:

I just broke down and increased the font size on my computer

  Posted: Oct 9, 2018

A friend on facebook pointed out after my earlier comment that purchasing the episode on iTunes would be better.  Here is my response:

I don't disagree, as a matter of fact I paid for the entire season on iTunes weeks ago.  

I feel there's a social contract: I watch the commercials, pay the fees to my cable company and BBCA shows me the entire episode, at the least the first time it's shown. I'm not anti-commercial, I'm anti-editing. I'd have no problem if they had to add 30%-40% to the run time to add the commercials since I know they need to make money. But to me this is bait and switch. You need to pay either through more commercials or buying on iTunes to see it completely.

I wouldn't have watched it today if I knew that I'll just be rewatching it tomorrow to see what wasn't shown on the first viewing.

  Posted: Oct 7, 2018

"come back at 8PM and we'll show you the scenes we cut out for commercials"
That, BBCA, is why Piracy Exists.

  Posted: Oct 7, 2018

How Apple didn't include a media query in Safari 12 for dark mode is a mystery to me, even if it as browser specific for now. Being able to have dark mode targeted CSS is important if we are pushing more and more apps to the browser.

  Posted: Oct 5, 2018