Dr Who:*Spoilers* 4x01 Partners in Crime Liveblogging *Spoilers*

Spoilers... you have been warned
Kicks off with the new theme from the christmas special; I always thought that electric guitars were missingthere's Catherine Tate's Name back in the credits.. if rumor's are true one wonders how long the credits will be with Donna + Martha + Rose + Jack + everyone except Jo Grant. "No exercise, no diet, no pain"... I can tell you right now that's not good! "The fat just walks away"... I wonder where that's going.oh.. they're doing the keep missing each other thing... is this "You've got mail"? or Dr Who?Oh Wait... the popping up and down in the cubicles... we've moved on to an "Austin Powers" type farce. If Donna stands up with Cantelops in front of her breasts I'm leaving."I want 100 sales per person today"... And where are my TPS reports?"You be Health and I'll be safety" I don't think there is much safety where she's concerned and it might be dangerous to your health Dr... Run!A psychic ID? Better then psychic paper! Go Donna!"you going on a date?" "I'm doing the opposite, I'm dumping him... I can do better then him now" ... Bitch!A cat flap? It's the hand of an Auton? Again? I hate Autons! Someone fetch the anti-plastic!"The fat just walks away" Knew that was criticalDonna reaches for the pendant in her jacket pocket... My first reaction is "What RTD discovered breasts" then I realized this isn't Torchwood.Ohh gas,,, she's a Slytheen? I Love RTD scripts!It's a baby Stay-Puft Marshmallow man! Made out of fat! Bye Bye *wave*Alley and streets of Wales are the quaries of the new seriesI thing Adipose bought the extra vans from when torchwood-1 went out of businessIs it me or are you waiting for the blonde chick to say "You are the weakest link... goodbye!"Wow... Donna and I must be related.. her mom sounds familiar.If I had to put up with you I'd be up the hill, too!I've got Venus... and "Uranus""That's the only planet in the solar system named after a woman"... I'm glad he's not counting Xena as a planetno, I didn't see a little blue box... but at Christmas this odd guy with sideburns vanished... it was totally weird"I'm not drifting"... do I look Bothered?Now we know what Sarah Jane sounded like between her stint on DW and SJAAnd now we see the most important part of a companion, a convenient excuse for exposition. Why is the hammer on a string and when the the console become a wack-a-mole game?I guess if lasers have to make sound it makes sense that sonic devices have a light"Hush, you go up the hill"... respect for your eldersDoctor, on what planet is the window washers scaffold a smart place to hide?"It's a beautifully fat county"... now we know what RTD thinks of the UKOMG!Yes Doctor I'd be scared of miming Donna, too!Sonic Screwdriver setting 592... levitationDonna when running from baddies... don't stop for hugs!"Don't you ever change" ... Not since John Nathan Turner cam into my life!"Not unless she has a sonic device of her own which is very unlikely" because .. what have the world seem to have blasters, and lipstick... I bet she has a sonic vibratorOK, not a vibrator... but still... it's sonicSonic Screwdriver setting 243 ... cable cuttingSonic Screwdriver setting 46 ... Seizing scaffolding wenchesWait... you can deadlock seal a building? Oh, really?Sonic Screwdriver setting 321 ... cable incinerationSonic Screwdriver setting 12 ... Expelliarmus"use the force... doctor... feel the sonic device landing in your hand""This is all your fault, I should've stayed home"/.. Tegan I missed youSonic Screwdriver setting 18... freeing damsels in distress"how did you lose a planet?"... Umm Doctor... Isn't Gallifrey lost?"this is your once change"... It's no second changes Doctor... not "that beautiful doctor".. "super flirty doctor"... It's like Barbie in ROckabilly formTriple Dead Locked? oooo wouldn't you need at least 4 sonic devices then?"you look older"... "When 900 years old you arelook this good you will not"I destroyed Martha... Ruined her for all other menIf a million people took the pill and they all create more then one adipose isn't it more then 1 million birthdaysIt's attack of the baby staypufts!YOu know... I'd leave London quick.. it seems to be the only place on earth where this happensDouble Strength... Triple Deadlock.. I quadruple dog dare you!and in Donna's magic breast... another capsule!I think the Doctor happened... it must be Saturday!Steven Spielberg is on the phone.. the aliens from Close Encounters would like their spaceship backFor a baddie the stay puft babies are cute!"Don't cry for me Argentina"You Will Fly... "They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies... come sail away... come sail away... come sail away with me fatty!""that martha musta done you good" She wanted to but Jack's more my type"Mad Martha that one"... no it can't be a should out to bittorrenter extraordinaire Mad Marta, can it?bye bye fat!"I am the weakest nanny... Good byeeeeeeeeeee"Give Donna the Pen... that's a wasteThere are hats that will fit Donna's Fat Head?Valet Who!I just want to mate... with Jack!More like Tegan every dayI'm leaving your keys in the garbage... bye bye!Rose! Both universes are being destroyed! Those are the rules, right?I guess donna needs a room2 and a half miles... I think the brits went metric!Wasn't this the end of the Last Starfighter?Next week:Pompeii... Wonder if Jack will show up... and 7 w/ Mel from Fires of Vulcan

    Posted: Apr 8, 2008

Need an Opinion: Seeking a cure for virtual Schizophrenia

Before I begin, I know I this is closer to multiple personality disorder. I know the difference, just using the term as the rest of the world does.
*Long Post Warning* Just looked at this thing and it goes on for a while. I do appreciate your advice though.
So now that I've had both blogs up and running for some time I'm starting to question the wisdom of working this way and am considering merging the blogs. To break things out here is the current delineation between the blogs:

  • seanreiser.com (SR.C) - was supposed to be the blog it has always been. Tech, Social Media, Photos, Baseball and general silliness,
  • findingzuzuspedals.net (FZP) - was supposed to be a blog about me checking out Episcopalism.
  • livejournal (LJ) - when I started posting to livejournal again, the goal was to basicly syndicate my content as I had a number of friends who would prefer to get my content that way.

There are a number of reasons I wanted to keep things separate:

  • I wanted to keep FZP anonymous so people in my life wouldn't try to influence my decision. This would also allow me to be freer in what I said in that forum.
  • I didn't want potential clients to come across FZP and determine that they didn't want to work with me an projects out of some sort of prejudice.
  • I didn't want folks looking to find information on Religous topics to find out about my love of baseball, technology and social networking (on some level I fear getting into the creationism vs. evolution debate).
  • I didn't want the folks visiting SR.C to get hung up in the religious side of my life. Nor did I want folks coming for religious / conversion talk to hear about the latest baseball game.
  • Talking about twitter and the Yankees is much different then blogging about G_d and the Church.

I fear this has all failed or is not longer valid because:

  • I broke my anonymity on FZP via twitter early on. I also have links on both blogs to the other. Heck, the sidebar on SR.C has the rss from FZP in it.
  • I've pretty much made my decision about conversion (barring a clear sign from above). I
  • I don't care what potential clients find out when it comes to religion. If they don't want to do business with me because I'm Christian, or because of my conversion, I'm better off not working for them. It'll all come out anyway and get ugly.
  • It's good that folks looking for either tech or religious articles to find the other side of my life. I am a rounded person (both from a personality POV and from a waistline POV).
  • There have been a number of articles that I have written that belong in both blogs (E-Confession, Second Life Churchs and The Pope coming to Yankee Stadium jump to mind). Having separate articles on different blogs only cause cruft in services like twitter and RSS readers for people who are tracking both.
  • Comments get lost between blogs when the some content exists in 3 places.
  • If Fr. Jim Burns from my parish could use the George Carlin baseball vs. football routine to prove that Baseball was the more religious sport... there might be room for The Yankees and The Church in the same 'blog.

So here is the plan as I see it:

  • After a redesign (maybe just a metadata one) there would be one blog for SR.C and FZP (under the SR.C banner)
  • the FZP domain would point to a place only showing religious articles, the RSS would only show
  • the homepage of SR.C would have both FZP and the geeky goodness of SR.C.
  • All content would be syndicated (via either cross posting or syndication) into LJ. If syndication I would allow openID credentials so you could login in with your LJ credentials for posting comments, etc.

So, I need opinions... Is this a good idea? Will you want to dismiss or follow me more if I do this? Be frank, let me know what you think.

    Posted: Apr 8, 2008

Church Service in Second Life

Another post that I don't know where it belongs ... if this keeps up I'm going to merge the blogs and go with filters. When I started this journey I was trying to keep potential clients from finding the religious blog and religious folks from finding my geeky side and run the religious blog anonymously. Well I have given up on that... my geeky side shows though and I seem to be commenting on things that in both camps....

Virtually attended a service in second life last evening (here is some info about the church) which one of my tweeps (twitter peeps) mentioned to me. I really don't know how I feel about it. I've never been a second life fan (some day I'll write that up). Actually I've never gotten it, to be honest.. the couple of times I've played in SL it doesn't seem to have the sense of community that I've found in things like IRC, on forums or even twitter.

So, the service felt artificial. It could be that there was no audio to it (it was read and typed). It could be some of the issues I sited in this article. It could also be the tendancy I have to multitask while in front of a machine. Going to service, watching TV and twittering should not happen at the same time.

Oh, I'm curious is what is the etiquette on leaving Church in 2L... is it OK to fly?

    Posted: Apr 7, 2008

Conversion Discussion with Tom Synan

Back on Wednesday, Fr. Tom Synan and I officially had the "I'd like to convert" that he knew was coming. It looks like there will be some classes which I'm looking forward to. He says there are 3 other candidates so the classes will be in a group and the classes will be one on one.
We also discussed more of my background, the good and the bad. When I tell him some of the not so nice things from my past, he's more then understanding and compassionate.
We did discuss more church differences, and my feelings (some of which I still need to include in this blog from the December - February time frame). The major things driving this decision... my own peace and the feeling of integrity I've been living with things going on that in the past would've driven me crazy.
More to come as time goes by...

    Posted: Apr 7, 2008

Yankees vs Toronto 4/3/2008 - The Pope

I have no idea which blog this goes in (It it baseball or Religion) so I'm posting everywhere... if you're seeing it more then once, I'm sorry.

No Pictures (sorry, too cold, this was a last minute thingy). The game went well... good to see a number of the folks I know from past years. The Yankees won and a good time was had by all (or most... I guess the Toronto fans didn't have a good time).

For those that don't know The Pope is saying Mass this month at Yankee Stadium. Like everyone else he needs to get his last appearance in before they turn off the lights. Not that anyone there could get tickets, there was a discussion amongst the creatures the proper way to do Role Call for him. Is it The-Pope, The-Pope (ala A-Rod)... Be-ne-dict, Ben-ne-dict (a la Matsui) or Po-ope Bene-Dict (ala De-rek Je-ter).

    Posted: Apr 4, 2008

The Ethics of Linking...

Last evening I posted an entry here to a video I created an uploaded to Youtube. A few moments after I posted I received a tweet from a friend complimenting me on the video and asking if she can link to it. At first I figured she was asking if she could embed the video and I replied that I was sure I set it up embedable, but I would check. She clarified that we was asking permission to link to my blog which surprised me.

Every now and then a site's terms of service is published which prohibit deep linking to pages which makes no sense to me. From a legal perspective in Ticketmaster vs. Tickets.com a judge ruled that it was legal to link as long as it was obvious who owned the content in question.

So, coming back to linking to my blog ignoring the creative commons copyright below and "Share and Enjoy" line over in the sidebar I'm perplexed why someone would not want their content linked. Here's a break down:

  1. The reason we create content is to be read / scene ... you wouldn't publish something on the internet if you wanted it to be private.
  2. Links are the major commodity of the blogosphere. It's how people find out stuff... either directly by clicking out links or indirectly by increasing our google page rank / twitteratti rank /etc

So, if someone objects to having their content linked to, please let me know, and more importantly why.

    Posted: Apr 3, 2008

Doctor Who - The Duke of Gallifrey

Sometime after The Runaway Bride I had a discussion about what Doctor Who would've been like if it were an American Show. This was the result. Enjoy.

    Posted: Apr 3, 2008

To much going on

Been rather busy and haven't had an opportunity to update here (nor have I had any inspiration to write anything geeky) Here's some things that are coming along:

  • Been getting the religious / spiritual blog up and running. Still missing some posts in the December and January Time frame but I've been posting there regularly. It's syndicated into the sidebar here.
  • Been tied down with work, school and a number of personal project which should start showing up here shortly (patience is a virtue)
  • This week we'll see the Yankee's home opener, the last ep of Torchwood Season 2, and the Season Premieres of Doctor Who (for those using BT-Tardis) and BSG. Full week in TV.

I've also been active on twitter so find me there.

    Posted: Apr 2, 2008

Quotes on Faith from odd sources

Surfing the media tonight I came across lines about faith and figured I'd post them.
Dawson's Creek (yes, that Dawson's Creek... shush I like the quote) episode "A Winter's Tale"

Mr Brook's Friend (played by Andy Griffith) : "In a situation like this Son, all that's required is a little faith. Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to like Miracle on 34th Street. Arthur always believed that the best answers for life's questions could be found in the movies. Crazy Idea, huh?"

Babylon 5 episode "The Deconstruction of the Falling Stars"

Brother Alwyn: Faith sustains us in the hour when reason tells us that we cannot continue, that the whole of our lives is without meaning.Brother Michael: Then why were we born able to reason, if reason's useless?Brother Alwyn: Not useless. But it's also not enough. Faith and reason are the shoes on your feet! You can travel further with both than you can with just one.

    Posted: Apr 2, 2008

My Soul is doing just fine, thank you very much for asking

Ever since my Musing on Conversion post the other day I have received a number of emails from well meaning friends concerned that my decision would lead me to lose my soul when final judgment came. I just wanted to outline why I don't feel this is not the case. Some of this might be distasteful to some Catholics, if you are easily offended by discussions of conversion

  1. A Christian is a Christian, this includes Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and even Baptists (horror of horror, I know).
  2. (This is controversial, I know) A pius, good person of a non-Christian Religion is more likely to go to heaven then an evil person who is a Christian

The way I see the bulk of people in this world stay in the religion they were born into their entire lives. Even those that Convert, generally do so within levels of orthodoxy. This bulk condemning of folks based on their heritage is counter to what I believe about G_d.
I'm, from an Irish heritage, it's ridiculous to believe that if some distant relative of mine was born a few hundred miles north making me an Anglican, I would be on my way to Hell with no other factors considered..

    Posted: Apr 1, 2008