All Saint's Day Evensong

I think I'll make this the "first post" on this 'blog. I put First Post in quotes because I am posting things out of order and backdating a number of the early posts here . This, along with a number of the early posts, are a slightly sanitized version of what's in a paper journal I keep.
Last night, at Alex's suggestion, I went to the Evensong at the Church of the Heavenly Rest, an Episcopal Church on the Upper East Side something that has confused me to no end. The main reason I was going there was out of convenience, since I was not going to a service that morning, I was going to be in the neighborhood anyway and Alex described sounded nice and potentially moving. With that said I was not prepared for what I found.
Over the last year or 2 I have found myself moving away from The Catholic Church from both a political and social perspective. I really don't understand how the church can excommunicate groups like Catholics for a Free Choice but not murderers. I don't understand how the Church can deny the Eucharist to someone who's divorced but not to someone who's committed rape. I don't understand hot the Church can go after politicians who are pro-choice, but not go after politicians who are in favor of the war. Maybe I'm oversimplify things but if Christ surrounded himself with tax collectors, prostitutes and Samaritans (all of who were considered the "dredges of society" of the day) who is His Church to turn anyone away?
I have to say I was moved, practically to tears during the service. It was a level of peace that I haven't had in a few years. I have to admit, being a life long Catholic I had gotten to a point that I believed that all protestants were Baptist-like (Choir Robes, Preaching and Hallelujahs). I wasn't expecting a service that in many ways was a more solemn that most Catholic Masses. I also it has been a long time since I have believed that I belong at in a Church.
All that said, I was not looking for a new Church when I went there (or as my friend Missi accused me of, Church Shopping). I was taking advantage of a situation places before me. What it means I don't know, but it is something I'm going to look into further.

  Posted: Nov 5, 2007

Test Post from Flock

Just installed Flock instead of FF under leopard.  Testing the Blogging functions inside it.

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  Posted: Oct 28, 2007

Beatles in Dr Who

For the folks who thing that pop-culture references in Dr Who is a recent thing

  Posted: Sep 14, 2007

Ellen's Birthday Party

My friend Helen brought me to her friend Ellen's birthday party with her friend. The other lady in the picture is their friend Annie.

  Posted: Sep 9, 2007