My Dragon Con Schedule

Looking at my logs, it seems a lot of folks are hitting this page looking for D*C's program guide. You should hit Dragon*Con's site here for that. Here is a link to their schedule pdf

My current Dragon*Con schedule. If anyone's looking for me this is the way to find me down there.

Arriving: Wednesday Evening, Staying in the Marriott

Thursday: Touring the town with Helen and whoever else is around.

Friday: Panels during the day, Baseball game at 7PM

Saturday: No Specific Plans, will bounce between panels I'm sure

Sunday: Panels during the day. On the 4:00 Arthur Dent and 5:30 Blake's 7 Panel

Monday: On the 11:30 Prisoner Panel. Leaving Monday evening.

Feel free to email me or call me ( at the con if you want to get together. I'll leave this sticky and update as appropriate.

  Posted: Aug 27, 2007

The Plan

1) Get $60K for a new DeLorean

2) Travel in Time

3) ???

4) Profit!

  Posted: Aug 21, 2007

Creative Commons is Good for Photography

Was reading the article "Creative Commons is Bad for Photography" this morning and I wanted to take an opposing view.

The article uses the example of Virgin Mobile taking Creative Commons off of Flickr and using it in advertising without asking permission first. While this sounds awful, one has to understand how Creative Commons (CC) works. CC is a copyright license that allows the copyright holder to restrict certain rights. For example all of my photos are licensed by a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license which means that you are able to take any of my photos, share it with anyone you want, post it in your blog, etc as long as you:

1) Give me credit for the work - Most people link back to the photo on Flickr as well as either my photostream or my homepage here, others give a traditional credit.

2) Don't make money off of it - Put it on a tshirt, or mug, please. If you're making money however, I'd like a piece.

3) Don't make derivative works - As my name is on it, I don't want the photo altered without talking to me first.

As you can see, with this license in place, Virgin Mobile isn't taking my photos, adding some captions to it and posting it on billboards without talking to me.

CC involves understanding how the CC works but once you do, you can have control of how your photos are used and who profits from them.

Why Creative commons is good for photographers I'd say 80-90% of photographers who use flickr are hobbyists. On the whole we're not making money off of our photos we want to share our vision of the world with others. To share our art. If people want the spread that vision for us it's a wonderful thing. By requiring attribution we get a bit of an ego boost. We can make sure that if anyone is making money off of out photos, we get some compensation.

Why Creative Commons is good for people who publish photos It give the publisher the ability to find photos that they can publish. The publisher still must do their due diligence and make sure that the person who posted it is the copyright holder same as they would if a photographer came in and sold them a picture.

Creative Commons is good for photography. It allows us to share our art with the world, which is what this is all about to me. If people understand how Creative Commons works it is good for all involved. Flickr's embracing of Creative Commons has made people aware of CC who wouldn't otherwise.

  Posted: Aug 20, 2007

Ad blocking

An article on slashdot today was discussing sites that are blocking firefox because of the adblock plugin. This all got me to thinking about how I use adblock and my feelings on ads.

First off, I'm not anti-advertising. Obviously, there's an ad over there on the right for the company that provides hosting for me and this site. It is there because I have had good experiences with them and really believe in them as a company and I don't mind a couple of bucks in my pocket for saying it. I like the think that the most annoying thing about the ad is that it is "above the fold".

On occasion, I will click on ads that are from reputable companies linked from sites I wish to support. I might not be looking to buy a car, for example but if my clicking on the Nissan ad gets the site I'm on a couple of pennies and doesn't cost me anything, why not?

I do have adblock installed on my Firefox installations but am not using adblockplus (which has a list of adservers built into it). I want control over what I block because, like I said above, I will from time to time click on ads to support sites.

I tend to block the following:

  • Ads that cover the content of the page, making me click it away first. I at least scan the entire page so I will see your ad, I promise. Please let me read your content.
  • Ads that contain sound. I don't want your ad playing over my music, the sound from the video I'm watching or annoying my neighbors at the office.
  • Ads that contain porn / nudity. If I'm reading an article on MYSQL, don't push porn at me. I might be reading it from a computer at a client site, or while I am working.
  • Ads that slow down my enjoyment of your website either because you have a slow ad server, or your javascript is trying to do too much for my macbookpro.
  • Ads that try to install software and extensions on my box
  • Ads that try to trick me into clicking on the by telling me that I have spyware, adware, virii, etc
  • Ads for mortgages with dancing aliens, MIB, couples, overweight women, etc because they freak me out.

I think I'm saying, "treat me like a human being, don't get in my way of enjoying your site, don't mess with my machine or I'm going to put you in the penalty box".

  Posted: Aug 17, 2007

Thank God He Didn't Get a Shoeshine Box - RIP Phil Rizzuto

Photo by Flickr's WallyG

NEW YORK (AP) -- Phil Rizzuto, the Hall of Fame shortstop during the Yankees' dynasty years and beloved by a generation of fans for exclaiming "Holy cow!" as a broadcaster, died Tuesday. He was 89.

His death was confirmed by the Yankees. Rizzuto had been in declining health for several years and was living at a nursing home in West Orange, N.J.

Rest of AP article

  Posted: Aug 14, 2007

Cashman's Master Plan

This popped up in my inbox today and was worth a laugh. Good to see Brian Cashman thinking outside the box.

General Mananger of prominent sports franchise seeks wizard, sorcerer, or necromancer skilled in the art of animation. I would like to meet with candidates to discuss their qualifications in animating one, or possibly several Golems trained in the skills and duties associated with a baseball middle relief-type role. Compensation will be determined by results. If you feel your skills and experience qualifies you for this position, please fax your resume to me at *number removed*, attn: B.C.

General Mananger of prominent sports franchise seeks scientist of questionable morals skilled in the art of butchery and re-animation. Specifically, I am looking for a candidate able to create a Franken-reliever from the following parts: DeSalvo’s brain, Farnsworth’s shapely dancer’s legs, Scott Proctor’s arm (no, his other arm), Bruney’s enormous torso and various other parts that can be salvaged from drunken hobos around the Stadium. If you feel your skills and experience qualifies you for this position, please fax your resume to me at *number removed*, attn: B.C.

May as well plug the baseball pics.

  Posted: Aug 12, 2007

Important Rules to Remember

1) No matter how easy it's supposed to be; updating drupal should not be attempted at 11PM if one plans to sleep.

2) Always have your backup local before you start... having to retrieve 1GB tar.gz after you've screwed something up is never fun.

On the plus side, everything seems to be working. If anything seems broken send me an email

  Posted: Aug 10, 2007