Conversion Discussion with Tom Synan

Back on Wednesday, Fr. Tom Synan and I officially had the "I'd like to convert" that he knew was coming. It looks like there will be some classes which I'm looking forward to. He says there are 3 other candidates so the classes will be in a group and the classes will be one on one.
We also discussed more of my background, the good and the bad. When I tell him some of the not so nice things from my past, he's more then understanding and compassionate.
We did discuss more church differences, and my feelings (some of which I still need to include in this blog from the December - February time frame). The major things driving this decision... my own peace and the feeling of integrity I've been living with things going on that in the past would've driven me crazy.
More to come as time goes by...

  Posted: Apr 7, 2008

Yankees vs Toronto 4/3/2008 - The Pope

I have no idea which blog this goes in (It it baseball or Religion) so I'm posting everywhere... if you're seeing it more then once, I'm sorry.

No Pictures (sorry, too cold, this was a last minute thingy). The game went well... good to see a number of the folks I know from past years. The Yankees won and a good time was had by all (or most... I guess the Toronto fans didn't have a good time).

For those that don't know The Pope is saying Mass this month at Yankee Stadium. Like everyone else he needs to get his last appearance in before they turn off the lights. Not that anyone there could get tickets, there was a discussion amongst the creatures the proper way to do Role Call for him. Is it The-Pope, The-Pope (ala A-Rod)... Be-ne-dict, Ben-ne-dict (a la Matsui) or Po-ope Bene-Dict (ala De-rek Je-ter).

  Posted: Apr 4, 2008

The Ethics of Linking...

Last evening I posted an entry here to a video I created an uploaded to Youtube. A few moments after I posted I received a tweet from a friend complimenting me on the video and asking if she can link to it. At first I figured she was asking if she could embed the video and I replied that I was sure I set it up embedable, but I would check. She clarified that we was asking permission to link to my blog which surprised me.

Every now and then a site's terms of service is published which prohibit deep linking to pages which makes no sense to me. From a legal perspective in Ticketmaster vs. a judge ruled that it was legal to link as long as it was obvious who owned the content in question.

So, coming back to linking to my blog ignoring the creative commons copyright below and "Share and Enjoy" line over in the sidebar I'm perplexed why someone would not want their content linked. Here's a break down:

  1. The reason we create content is to be read / scene ... you wouldn't publish something on the internet if you wanted it to be private.
  2. Links are the major commodity of the blogosphere. It's how people find out stuff... either directly by clicking out links or indirectly by increasing our google page rank / twitteratti rank /etc

So, if someone objects to having their content linked to, please let me know, and more importantly why.

  Posted: Apr 3, 2008

Doctor Who - The Duke of Gallifrey

Sometime after The Runaway Bride I had a discussion about what Doctor Who would've been like if it were an American Show. This was the result. Enjoy.

  Posted: Apr 3, 2008

To much going on

Been rather busy and haven't had an opportunity to update here (nor have I had any inspiration to write anything geeky) Here's some things that are coming along:

  • Been getting the religious / spiritual blog up and running. Still missing some posts in the December and January Time frame but I've been posting there regularly. It's syndicated into the sidebar here.
  • Been tied down with work, school and a number of personal project which should start showing up here shortly (patience is a virtue)
  • This week we'll see the Yankee's home opener, the last ep of Torchwood Season 2, and the Season Premieres of Doctor Who (for those using BT-Tardis) and BSG. Full week in TV.

I've also been active on twitter so find me there.

  Posted: Apr 2, 2008

Quotes on Faith from odd sources

Surfing the media tonight I came across lines about faith and figured I'd post them.
Dawson's Creek (yes, that Dawson's Creek... shush I like the quote) episode "A Winter's Tale"

Mr Brook's Friend (played by Andy Griffith) : "In a situation like this Son, all that's required is a little faith. Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to like Miracle on 34th Street. Arthur always believed that the best answers for life's questions could be found in the movies. Crazy Idea, huh?"

Babylon 5 episode "The Deconstruction of the Falling Stars"

Brother Alwyn: Faith sustains us in the hour when reason tells us that we cannot continue, that the whole of our lives is without meaning.Brother Michael: Then why were we born able to reason, if reason's useless?Brother Alwyn: Not useless. But it's also not enough. Faith and reason are the shoes on your feet! You can travel further with both than you can with just one.

  Posted: Apr 2, 2008

My Soul is doing just fine, thank you very much for asking

Ever since my Musing on Conversion post the other day I have received a number of emails from well meaning friends concerned that my decision would lead me to lose my soul when final judgment came. I just wanted to outline why I don't feel this is not the case. Some of this might be distasteful to some Catholics, if you are easily offended by discussions of conversion

  1. A Christian is a Christian, this includes Catholics, Episcopalians, Lutherans, and even Baptists (horror of horror, I know).
  2. (This is controversial, I know) A pius, good person of a non-Christian Religion is more likely to go to heaven then an evil person who is a Christian

The way I see the bulk of people in this world stay in the religion they were born into their entire lives. Even those that Convert, generally do so within levels of orthodoxy. This bulk condemning of folks based on their heritage is counter to what I believe about G_d.
I'm, from an Irish heritage, it's ridiculous to believe that if some distant relative of mine was born a few hundred miles north making me an Anglican, I would be on my way to Hell with no other factors considered..

  Posted: Apr 1, 2008

10 Commandments and Space Aliens

This was just tweeted by @trivabot on twitter:

Of 200 Anglican priests polled only 68, or 34% could name all Ten Commandments. Half, however, said they believed in space aliens.

This is unusually funny for me because of a story from my youth and my interpretation of Ezekiel Chapter 1 (which involves space aliens). Someday I'll document it but for now I'm laughing on the inside.
* For the record, all the Episcopalian Priests I've met can name all 10 commandments.

  Posted: Mar 31, 2008

Easter II

I do find the Episcopalian way of referring to this Sunday as "Easter II" instead of "The Second Sunday of Easter" sorta funny (I've had this feeling before but haven't gotten around to writing about it). As a geek, it sounds like a sequel all it needs is a subtitle. This week it would be "Easter II: Turning Doubters into Believers".
We had a seminarian preach this week, which was a different experience for me. The sermon was more academic then I've gotten used to. I didn't realize it at the time but I did take away from the sermon that it is our responsibility to change the world for future generations. It's funny, before I started blogging this evening I didn't realize this and then, believe it or not, the movie Bruce Almighty was on and this little bit popped up

"People want me to do everything for them, what they don't realize is they have the power. You want to see a miracle, son, be the miracle."

And the combination of that line and the sermon hit me and moved me a bit. I originally wasn't going to mention this at all... but it has me thinking.. nothing I can put in words yet... but a lot of things swimming around the old brain.
I still have the meeting with Tom Synan on Wednesday. I'm sure I'll post more after that.

  Posted: Mar 31, 2008

Musings on Conversion

I have a meeting with Tom Synan next week to discuss conversion (the Bishop comes in May so I want to get the process started) I know this is a paramount step in my life and I'd like to lay out some of what I am thinking.
I've mentioned somewhere in here that for a while I felt distance growing between myself and the Catholic Church, well before I ever set foot in an Episcopalian Church. Since Christmas I have been attending exclusively Episcopalian Churches (I'll document that story when I get caught up from my paper journal in the next few weeks).
I know we're all sinners, but somehow I feel more forgiven since I've been attending an Episcopalian Church. My personal emphases has gone from how I sinned in the past to how I can make up of those sins, how I can avoid making the same mistakes again and moving forward. It's an interesting point of view. I've gone from feeling irredeemable to being worthy. A few people have mentioned that a new job situation agrees with me, I suspect they are seeing this instead.
The last few months have been tough on me, on a personal, professional and financial level. Many mistakes of my past have come to a head. In the past, when going through something like this I would've hid, or resorted to other means. I seem to have tackled this with more integrity then I would have in the past. Some of that is changes in me some of that is related to my exposure to these people and the support of the Church.

  Posted: Mar 29, 2008