Cast Iron Pan Restoration, Day 2

Fist Day Pan Cleanup

Day 1 Clean up


After being in the bag for a day, I took the pan out, rinsed it off and it doesn't look bad. I scrubbed for a bit with steel wool dried it and it still had some marks that didn't come off, I should've kept it in the bag another day.  So I hit it with a little oil to prevent rusting, used the Easy Off on it again, put it into a new bag and we'll let it sit another day.

  Posted: Nov 3, 2018

Cast Iron Pan Restoration, Day 1

Pan Old Day 1

Pan Inside Start


Anne got this cast iron pan from a yard sale and asked if I could try and restore it.  After a little research I decided to do the Easy-Off method.  After cleaning the pan with soap and water and drying it, I covered the pan in the maximum strength Easy-Off which contains lye (it's the one with the yellow cap).  I wrapped it in a plastic bag and stored it in the outside garden room.

If you do it this, I strongly suggest doing this outside away from the fumes.  We'll see how this goes.

  Posted: Nov 2, 2018

If you're using a free Flickr account to store your photos, be aware that they are limiting you to 1,000 photos as of 1/30. If you have over 1,000 photos come February 1, they will be deleting your oldest photos. Make Plans Now!

  Posted: Nov 1, 2018

So as I've been researching the gubernatorial candidates here in NY, I have been listening to one of the policies that Larry Sharpe has been proposing: Selling the naming rights for bridges and tunnels like we do for stadiums and arenas.

Naming the new Tappan Zee after Mario Cuomo does very little for me, however if say IBM bought the naming rights the funds could be dedicated for repairs and lowering tolls. An interesting thought.

  Posted: Nov 1, 2018

A friend on facebook asked how, as a new manager, she could make change to processes and procedures when her staff was resistant.  I liked my answer so I figured I'd crosspost it here.

Before settling back into development I spent a lot of time working as a development manager. My major role and speciality was going to teams working in “cowboy mode” and enforcing some discipline (version control for source code, change control, proper documentation, etc). It’s always a tough sell to get teams to do “extra work” when they won’t see the benefits until months or years down the road. The arguments are always the same:

- We always did it this way (so let’s do it better)
- It’s faster this way (until there’s a problem down the road and we can’t figure out how he got here)
- I have too much to do already (let’s look at your current responsibilities and figure out a way to realign things so you can do this)
- We’ll get less done (quality over quantity)

My Advice:  
- Choose one project. One that will have a measurable impact and have them implement it. Explain the benefits up front. Let them know it’s not optional, apply a little force if you have to.  
- Hold their feet to the fire over deadlines, even if you need to shift their other responsibilities.  
- Once done sell them on the results (“We did X and now you have 10% less work” or “We’ve gone from having 1 crisis a week to 1 crisis a month” or “We got all these customer (subscriber) kudos because we did Y”).  
- Get senior management to recognize the accomplish to your employees directly. They should thank them and not you. This step may involve you writing an email congratulating your staff in the senior manager’s voice and having the manager send it out from their email.
- Celebrate the accomplishment with lunch, drinks or a roman orgy. 
- Repeat (now that you’ve established some credibility it nay be easier).

  Posted: Oct 31, 2018

A quick PHP one liner to calculate US Thanksgiving day. Leaving this for future reference.

date('m d, Y'strtotime('fourth thursday of november '.date('Y')));
  Posted: Oct 26, 2018


In the midst of a nation-wide manhunt for a serial bomber, perhaps this isn't the wisest ad to run.  Social Media Managers should take note.

  Posted: Oct 25, 2018

I made a comparison between the bomber and James Hodgkinson, the guy who shot at the Republicans while they were practicing for the Congressional Baseball game last year. I looking at them as being opposite but equal (using similar means, but political opposites). The kind of person that reasonable people on both sides of the political spectrum would disavow. This has made Republican and Democratic friends of mine uncomfortable, and I don't know why.

  Posted: Oct 25, 2018