A friend on facebook pointed out after my earlier comment that purchasing the episode on iTunes would be better.  Here is my response:

I don't disagree, as a matter of fact I paid for the entire season on iTunes weeks ago.  

I feel there's a social contract: I watch the commercials, pay the fees to my cable company and BBCA shows me the entire episode, at the least the first time it's shown. I'm not anti-commercial, I'm anti-editing. I'd have no problem if they had to add 30%-40% to the run time to add the commercials since I know they need to make money. But to me this is bait and switch. You need to pay either through more commercials or buying on iTunes to see it completely.

I wouldn't have watched it today if I knew that I'll just be rewatching it tomorrow to see what wasn't shown on the first viewing.

  Posted: Oct 7, 2018