Bunt, You Idiots

I posted this on Facebook 5 years ago.  It still applies today.

I've watched a lot of baseball in my life and so far this year we're seeing more infield shifts then I've ever seen before. I'm sure this is the natural evolution of the game but I have a question...

If you come up to bat and look at the infield and realize that the 3rd baseman is positioned where the shortstop normally is... Why in the name in all that is holy aren't you bunting? I get that some batters can't change their swing and go the other way... that's fine, I don’t want to change your swing. But every player should be able to square up and lay down a bunt that will roll up the 3rd base line. Push that bunt past the pitcher and you'll have an easy base hit. I don't care if you're fleet of foot like Brett Gardner or have the turtle like speed of David Ortiz, you'll make it the 90 feet before someone can get to that ball and throw you out. Do this often and one of a few things will happen:

1) The defense will stop these shifts since they don't want to give up "cheap hits".

2) You'll hit .400

Some people might say "we don't pay sluggers to bunt". I say, "if they're giving you a free base, take it". If that same slugger worked a walk you'd be applauding, "Good Eye, Good Eye". You never know what's going to start a rally.

To quote the great Yogi: "Baseball is 90% mental, the other half is physical.".