How to Report a Bug

Like most developers, I get my fair share of bug reports sent to me.  The problem is most reports I get either have wrong information or no information at all for me to work with.

Today I had an issue with one of my hosting providers and wrote up the following report:

I am having problems logging into the dev region of my <redacted> site via SFTP.

I have checked your status page and it appears you don't have any outages at this time.

I have attempted to log in via my IDE and the command line using sftp -o Port=2222 <redacted>@<redacted>n and am getting a “Permission denied, please try again.” error message.

I am using the following credentials:

Host: <redacted>
Username: <redacted>
Port: 2222
Password : <redacted>

I have verified my password by logging out and back into the dashboard as well as logging into  another site I manage via SFTP.  The password I’m entering works in those places.

I was doing development on this site as recent as Wednesday and it was working fine.

The goal is for you to give enough information to whoever is on the other side of the ticket to recreate an understand the issue.  You should include a way to reproduce the issue, what software are you using and steps you might have taken to mitigate the issue.

Often times people who report bugs try to diagnose the issue ("I'm pretty sure it's a virus").  I know people are trying to be helpful when they do this but it's counter-productive.  The tech at the other end of the ticket needs to start by disproving your theory instead of researching your issue.