Storing a Website's Logo in a Font

One thing I do like about programming is seeing how other people handle the same situation in a creative way.  

As you know, almost every website has a logo and generally speaking, the logo is stored in a graphic (png, jpg gif, etc).  If you need alternate version of the logo (size of color), you edit and upload a new image.  I've seen sites use SVG files to make scaling the image easier, but generally speaking those sites tend to be harder to maintain.

Today, I was reverse engineering a site and the logo was stored as a webfont loaded (a WOFF file).  The developer vectorized the logo and turned each color group into a separate color.  So if you take the FedEx logo as an example:

FedEx Logo

The blue "Fed" would be one character in the font file and the orange "Ex" is another chapter.  Once that's done any editing can be done via CSS.  So if you're laying the logo on on a blue background change change the color of the Fed part to white with color: #FFF.  You can control the size of the logo via the font-size property.  This felt like a neat way to handle it.