Digital Spring Cleaning Stage 1

This year I decided to give myself a bit of a digital spring cleaning. With the help of Artisteer, which I have previously reviewed, I have given most of my sites a new theme. The changes aren’t radical just a new fresh look. I’ve also built a few new sites.

The first new site is Great Existence, a site which shows off a photo a day. Where I post my photos on Flickr I feel the the better shots tend to get buried when I post my photos, so I created a site to show off 1 photo a day released at midnight. Over time I plan on featuring many of my favorite shots, I hope you enjoy them. I do intend to move all the photography content off of iSeanReiser onto Great Existence.

Between my blogs, the photo sites, my professional sites and social networks I am active in, I’m spread across the web and I wanted to have one place to point folks to. I’ve built play with keyboard which aggregates feeds and provides links to everyplace you can find me. The reason I did this on it’s own domain is a problem I’ve often had most of my life, no one can spell Sean or Reiser. (Sean, Shawn, Shaun; Reiser, Riser, Rieser, Rizer). If I’m someplace without business cards there’s a 25% chance someone will find me if I tell them to go to However is cute, easy to remember and descriptive. This site will become the site I use as a link from forums and other networks. I’m calling it my “digital hub”.

My next phase of Spring Cleaning is cleaning up who I follow on social networks. A post on that subject should appear shortly.