Why I use Drupal

Several folks have been asking me as of late why I manage http://seanreiser.com in Drupal and not Wordpress or another blogging platform. And instead of re-answering the same questions I decided it was time for another "inside baseball" post. This is not a feature for feature Drupal vs. Wordpress post. Nor does it consider wordpress 2.5 since I have never really evaluated it.Drupal is not a blogging platform, it is a content management system that has plugins that support blogs but is wide enough to support any other type of content, hence there are modules like activity stream which aren't as easy to code in other platforms. Wordpress is primarily a platform for building blogs, and at least to me, the plugins feel like afterthoughts and not part of the system.Also, as a developer I often use Drupal as the framework for web apps I develop for corporations as it's a rather robust environment to get things done in. Additionally, I rarely am in a position that I can't find a module to do at least a part of what I need to get done, even if I need to hack it a little bit afterwards. As I'm using Drupal often for business I know more of it's guts so I can apply the knowledge when working on hacking away on my site.
All that said... if you're the average person, Wordpress is a wonderful blogging tool used the world over. There's plenty of support out there for it, lots of plugs ins and an active developer community. I don't feel you'll be making a mistake going that way. Enjoy!