Public Replies to the Email I Received About the Twit-Out and Disqus

I received a few emails about my twit-out post and I figured while I don't won't post the address of the posters I would answer them publicly. If you want to comment on my blog, please use comments and not email. Thanks!

Subject: This is why!
Twitter is down right now. This is why we need to have a boycott. Get it now?
<name redacted>
Subject: It's not hard why don't you get it
We're protesting to get twitter fix their *%^!.
<name redacted>

Still, I don't get it, not really. If you think that a day of staying off of twitter is sending a message, go for it, but I think that Biz and Co are already passionate about getting this fixed and all a boycott is going to do is make you feel better. If you're really annoyed about it you should be considering leaving for another service not a one day boycott.

Subject: Comments
I'd leave you a comment about the Twit-out but I have javascript turned off and can't use Disqus. You're an idiot for using Disqus! You;'re missing out on comment because of it! I'll never turn on Javascript because it's a way to infect my machine with viruses!
<name redacted>

OK let's break this down:

  1. I'm sorry you're missing out on web 2.0, javascript is such a big part of most of the sites being developed to day. You should consider using a browser that allows you to selectively enable javascript on trusted sites.
  2. Believe me, for every comment I'm out, I gain 2. If nothing else the fact that folk's comments show up an friendfeed brings me traffic that I wasn't getting before.
  3. The comments that disqus users leave are, on average, of a higher quality then comments in general. I could feel that way because of the lack of spam.
  4. I tend to prefer comments with a lower exclamation point to period ratio.