.... On the other Hand... Heading back to Disqus

So, I might seem to be the most fickle blogger on the planet but I am turning Disqus back on. There are a few things driving this:

  1. Comment Spam. I'm back to deleting a couple of comments a day because of spam. I assume that Disqus doesn't generate spam for 3 reasons
    1. There's no SEO benefit to spamming a blog with Disqus since the comments aren't indexed (which I believe is a plus)
    2. It's easy for Disqus to ban spammers because it is centralized
    3. Disqus is new and the spammers haven't caught up.
  2. I was receiving considerably more traffic with discqus turned on (I assume because people's comments showed up in friendfeed).
  3. Seesmic integration with video comments is a major enticement.
  4. I know Disqus is working on integrating with friendfeed so comment there will appear in my blog which is part of the grand design of my blog
  5. I really don't have the time I think I have to code the LJ integration today.

So, for today, I am turning on Disqus again. I have a script that will import LJ comments directly into the old comment system which I'll use for now. When I'm happy that it's working I'll publish it.