Dr Who: *Spoilers* 4x05 The Poison Sky Liveblogging *Spoilers*

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Spoilers, you have been warned
Third time we've heard the "I'm bringing you back to Earth Line" it's not getting ay better.
Hot, Wet, Naked Evil Martha still having an affect, I must say. I'll be in my bunk.
Ever since my friend shot me this the Sontar-Ha! thing has never been the same
Sonic Screwdriver setting number 83: Uselessness
Axes beat dead lock seals.. check
It's the American in me, I know but with "Atmos is running wild" I hear, "Wha cha Gonna do, Brothah, when Atmos runs wild on you?"
I am so ashamed that I just quoted the Hulkster in a Dr Who Review.
Is it me or is Evil Martha.. just hotter the good Martha? In a "she'll kill me when she's done but I don't mind" kinda way.
Sergey looks excited... like he just heard that Microsoft and Yahoo aren't merging
Wow... when you transmat the TARDIS the light on top lights up
"None of the Humans can guess our true purpose" ... I thought you were just making this up as you went along... I was pretty sure this was a RTD Script.
Stuck on Earth... like an ordinary person... Dr, you have been there before!
Do google employees where matching red sweatsuits?
Sonic Screwdriver Setting number 105: Transmitting Audio / Visual signals
Rose! Again... No... I want Jo Grant Back, not Rose!
Trolls... Now I'll picture Sontarans living under a bridge.
"wha are you lot up to" Is it me or did DT have problems reigning in his Scottishness there?
Sonic Screwdriver Setting number 55: TV Remote Control
Am I the only one who wants to marry a Sonic Screwdriver and a TV remote control
Was he speaking Celtic?
Oompa, Loompa Loompaty DoI'm gonna move a TARDIS from youOompa, Loompa, LoompatyNaInside this big box is a Donna
I think moving from the earth might be Sergey's real plan... Sergey's World?
"I've designed a mating program... I'm more cleaver then you!" ... more Gates then Sergey
Worldwide nuclear grid? What about Israel ... we know they have Nukes... and Nor Korea... they don't have missles that could hit a ship in space... oh well...
Again... wouldn't clones be all the same Height. That's something even Lucas gets right!
The Brig's Alive and in Peru!
Wait... I know Donna and the Doctor understand the Sontarans because of the TARDIS's translation circuit. Why does Sergey (or why did he before the Dr showed up)? Are the Sontarans speaking English?
TARDIS Hammer Setting No 2: Wack A Sontaran!
Live Long and Prosper
Gas Mask... are you my mummy!
He stole my joke!
Now, if you were The Sontarans and the Humans had 1... just 1 flying aircraft carrier, wouldn't you take it out first?
But it is nice to see the Valiant
and Sontaran Armor is so week that bullets go right through it?
Sonic Screw Driver Setting No 762: Tracking Device
Sonic Screw Driver Setting No 2: Opening Locks
OK... next con... I expect lots of people in tshirts that say "Clone"
Dr, even if you're not going to use it... Pick UP the Gun!
I was hoping the head would deflate when he died... oh well
Sonic Screwdriver Setting No... I don't know what he's doing with it
"Behold, the clone world is born" ... "begun the clone wars have"
So... any buildings taller then the Chrysler Building should be in Flames?
UNIT Lovin!
OK.. can't be snarky with the "I've got to give them a choice thing"
Chicken Dance Time!
Sontar... HA!
Next Week.... Susan's Mom!