Because being an earlier adopter is fun

There's been a lot of talk lately about the widening gap between the early adopter and average users in the social media space (in particular order here, here, here, and here are a few). The posts have been a little angst-y even to the point that you might feel all is lost in the social media space. Let's go through this.
Is the Social Media Space a Bit of an Echo Chamber?
Yes, but so are most communities. From the Boy Scouts, to the music industry to the Episcopal Church any a space that encourages "inside baseball" thoughts becomes an echo chamber. As the technology matures more people will get involved and these services will become a little more representative of society. This has happened in every other technology. Look at the Web around '94 and today for an example. "All this has happened before and all this will happen again".
Are We Creating our own Bubble?
Probably, yes. There is the standard explosion of competing standards and technologies that will simmer down as they atain a critical mass.. Again, nothing new (Think AC vs. DC, Beta vs. VHS, HD-DVD vs. Blueray). However when this happens on a software level there's less investment for us, if we bet wrong we just go to a new platform and setup a new profile. Most of these services allow you to pull your data out of them (which is behind a lot of the coding I'm doing here these days).
So, Why do this at all?
Because it's fun! Isn't that reason enough? I know there are folks doing this professionally (blogging, consulting, however Scoble gets paid, etc) and I'm sitting on the outside, but I do this because it's a fun way to spend some time. To be honest, if you're not having fun playing with these services you should be doing something else. Sure, it helps me professionally from time to time but I enjoying building the small tools that I'm using. I enjoy meeting new people and fanwanking about technology.