Dr Who: *Spoilers* 4x03 Planet of the Ood Liveblogging *Spoilers*

OK, fallen behind on this episode goofing around thing. I did find it difficult to make fun of this episode since it was pretty good.
Spoilers... you know the drill

The Ood came to Earth for one purpose... To Serve Man... with stuffing and gravy.
Cut price Ood.... that's never a good idea.
Oh Oh... Ood with red eyes... It's Sutek time!
Ok that rocking back and forth was rather Kirk and Spock, don't you think?
The return of the randomizer. I miss the Key to Time. Why would you need to set the controls on random when there's a 50/50 chance you go to where you're going?
Nice fur lined coat there, Donna... better the last week's toga.
You've got a box... he's got a Ferrari... be careful Donna you're questioning his manhood.
In the future there will still be false cures for hair growth. Good to know.
It's the circle.... the circle of death...
Mildly telepathic and weak willed.. never occured to me that the Ood could be similar to Kameleon.
"We're not married" that's this year's phrase, I think.
"What is an Ood, but a reflection of us".. so you're creepy looking with tentacles and easily swayed by the Devil... nice to meet you.
"If your Ood is happy then you'll be happy, too"... mad the mistake of watching this right after Ashes to Ashes and now I'm hearing "I'm happy, hope you're happy too" and an Ood in clown makeup
"Doh!" they'll still be making Simpson's episodes in the 4126... noooooooo!
Yes Donna, no one would want to marry you, believe me.
Is anyone reminded of the Apes being traine in Conquest of the Planet of the Apes? How sad am I that I think of PotA instead of a real example of slavery?
"I was busy" you know the Devil and all....
Whatever that is don't like hair tonic... ouch
Donna whistles like a construction worker.. and somehow that makes me feel... hmmm special
I do like Donna calling "The Spaceman" on his higher then thou attitude.
Donna seems to be doing an Elf impression this week and rolling high when searching for hidden doors
OOO the crane game... I usually get the stuffed animal when I try it at the pizza place
2 Mins alone with Donna and the Ood want to kill... I can understand that
I'm starting to think this hair loss thing might be a major plot point.... why are they treating to so subtlety
Sonic screwdriver setting number 3 : opening locks
Sonic screwdriver setting number 4 : locking doors
Ahh... the return of Dr Spock mind melding ability
You know walking around with your brain in your hand your whole life has to be inconvenient.
You know the "human as the monster" theme has come out twice already this season
Ood-tastic destruction!
Oh, random comment... 3 words none beginning with a "D" - Adipose Take Manhattan
Donna and handcuffs... purrr
Hmmm They are Chuth-Ood "I will swallow your soul"
The Ood don't appear to have teeth... what effect does rubbing tenticals back and forth have?
Now if you were trying to turn a race into slaves an found their group brain, you'd you just kill it?
What that a Wilhem scream as he fell? I'm pretty sure it was.
I know they hair loss thing would pay off!
"I can't tell what's right and what's wrong any more" ... that took 3 weeks, wow!
"Every song must end" for the next song to begin.
Next Week: Donna fulfills her contract! And Sontarans!