"No One Goes to Church Anymore"

So, on Tuesday (which was Holy Tuesday) I left work a little earlier then I usually do so I could get to at least one Mass during Holy Week. I knew that on Holy Wednesday and Good Friday I had obligations that would prevent me from getting to church. When one of my co-workers asked where I was going I told them I was heading to Church. She said to me "Sean, don't know you that no one goes to church anymore".
I know this person was trying to help me. The firm I work for is filled with 20-something hipsters and "beautiful people" and I am neither 20-something nor a hipster (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I won't comment on that) and she (and some of the others) are trying to make me seem more cool; but let's face it I'm a Church going, sci-fi loving computer geek, how cool can I be? Anyone who reads Ezekiel Chapter 1 and sees space aliens (which could have been sent by G_d) is never going to be cool; I've come to accept and embrace that.
I do find it interesting that this person felt a need to try and "save my image" as if I were admitting to some horrible act. Has society in NYC gotten to a point that Religion is only discussed in whispers?
An interesting change in me that I've noticed. Since beginning this journey I am more likely to say that I am going to Church when asked instead of saying things like "I have an appointment". Perhaps it's because most Catholics I know are Catholics on Sunday from 9am - 10am and most Episcopalians I know are more likely to live their faith. They work in soup kitchens and minister to the poor. Perhaps it's because they consider it "bold" to say the Lord's Prayer and I'm extending that boldness into my personal life.