The reason I've come to like friendfeed

I've been trying to describe to folks why I like friendfeed, the one stop shopping site for web 2.0 presence aggregation. Today Terry Paul Walhus tweeted this which linked a message on pownce :

Hey, you're already my twitter friend and I'd like to add you as a friend on pownce. If you'd like to see me and my work, check out where I interview Leah Culver, Cali Lewis, Zadi Diaz, Veronica Belmont and more blogerati/digerati at sxsw 2008 I'm springnet on twitter and walhus on skype. I'd like to do a skype interview with you for my blog like the interviews I just mentioned.

Now, the magic of friendfeed is that you set up your presence across the net. If I'm following you there, no matter what new services you adapt or what services you abandon I'll know and be able to follow you. If I decide to move from flickr to zoomr or twitter to pounce *poof* anyone subscribed to friend feed see it. If I decide to add a new blog, they start getting when I add it. No announcements, no follow me here messages, everyone just knows.

Not a knock on Terry... just a comment on ff.