A playlist for NYC

A long while back I was discussing with my friend Alex the concept of a creating a playlist with music that evoked the different areas of NYC. I finally got around to putting it together and I've finally added my last.fm feed to the side bar I thought it was time to publish it. I know this is a little meme-ish but thought it was a good thing. If nothing else this may show off some of my diverse musical tastes.

  • Yankee Stadium, "New York, New York", Frank Sinatra - song played at the end of every game. In the old days it was Frank if they won and Liza if they lost, so I have a bias towards the Sinatra version.
  • Hayden Planetarium, "The 7 Stars of the Big Dipper" ,Manheim Steamroller
  • Central Park, "Saturday in the Park", Chicago - I don't think I need to explain why on this one.
  • Strawberry Fields, "Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)", Elton John - Elton wrote the song as a tribute to John Lennon and, ironically, when I'm there I'm more of that song then The Beatles's own "Strawberry Fields"
  • Rockefeller Center / Radio City Music Hall, "The Spirit of Radio", Rush - RCA (who owned the radio patents in the US, started NBC and was a major influence in radio) was originally based in Rockefeller Center, and that's where Radio City Music Hall gets its name. I'd like to think some of the ghosts of radio are still there, haunting the place.
  • Hell's Kitchen (Not Clinton, Not Midtown West, Hell's Kitchen, you don't re-brand neighborhoods), "The Black and Tans", The Irish Descendants - A good Irish rebellion song. I like the Irish Descendants version, but take any version you like.
  • Hotel Pennsylvania, "PEnnsylvania 6-5000", The Glenn Miller Orchestra - Song was written for the Hotel, 212-PE6-5000 is the phone number of the hotel to this day.
  • The Bowery (Former home of CBGB's), "Let's Dance", The Ramones - Some old school punk for the former center of NYC punk.
  • World Trade Center Site / Ground Zero - "Miami 2017", Billy Joel - "I've seen the light go out on Broadway, I've seen the Empire State laid low".. in retrospect their are powerful lyrics.