Just email us your credit card information...

So, while in LA at Gali some friends an I went to Star Trek: The Tour and did the geek take the pics on the bridge thing. The company that does the photos ustar will sell you jpegs of the images for 20 bucks. I figured I'd get the pictures and print them myself at the Adorama. So, we don't get the photos there just the instructions on how to order the pics. We are also told to give them a few weeks to get the photos from the tour to their corporate offices.
So, Today I decide to place an order... There is a form on ustar's website which I fill out (just some basic information) and am told someone will contact me. I then get this in my email

To complete your order we will also need you to please fill out the attached order form to complete your order. You may return the completed order form to us by email[cut for brevity]UStar Video will accept Master Card, Visa, Discover Card, American Express and Personal Check.For Credit Card orders please complete the following:Name as it appears on the card - ________________________Billing address - _______________________________________City, ST, Zip - _________________________________________Card number - ________________________________________Expiration date - _______________________________________CID (security code located on the back of your card)- ___

I'm shooting them an email explaining why this is a bad idea and questioning their sanity (how hard is it to setup paypal invoices, where I don't trust pp, they are better then sending my CC info in the clear). I'm just shocked that a company even thinks about doing things this way.
EDIT: to make things clear... this is a problem with ustar, not adorama, whom I adore and does great work.