I might be the only one who doesn't like Blackberry email

So, a week back I bought a Blackberry to replace my Treo (lots of posts on it in this forum). I foolishly though that it would help me manage my email better, I have some mixed results.

I have 2 major email accounts. One is an exchange hosted email account at my main client's site. The other is my corporate / personal email account hosted on an IMAP server.

The email with my client is great. Blackberry + BES seems to be a powerful tool. Up until now I have been unable to receive mail remotely from these folks so it's nice not to have to know what's happening before I get in in the morning.

My personal email is another matter. I get a lot of email a day (a few hundred non-spam messages). Up until now I have used Chattermail on the treo to give me full IMAP support on the device. In addition to writting, reading and responding to messages, I've been able to sort and file messages. My inbox is usually a todo list. Once I've acted on an email I don't want it in the inbox, but archived in an appropriate folder. At this point, none of this seems to work on BIS. I seem to be doing double duty on my email.

So, a question to all of you, other then getting you mail fast, what is the appeal of blackberry email?