Swtiching from Palm to Blackbery - Day 1

So, now that Sprint's managed to provision my phone, I've been able to really play with my Blackberry for about a day. Here are my initial reactions.

The 8830 is a sexy unit. It's thinner then my Treo was, remarkably so. I don't need the camera phone so that's not a loss. The keyboard is something I have to get used to. Probably another day or so. The screen is beautiful, nice bright. It washes out a bit in full sunlight, but I can live with that. It feels good in my hand and is a solid little device.

Using the Blackberry OS is an interesting change. I've been using PalmOS based devices for over 10 years now, so I've gotten used to interacting directly with the screen. I find myself touching the screen and looking for the stylus from time to time. I'm sure the trackball will become second nature to me in no time, but for today it's annoying.

I'm still getting the hang of email on the device. Although I get it faster, I'm not sure I like the implementation. Using chattermail on my palm I was able to do more the read and reply to the message. I was sorting into folders, etc to keep the messages in my inbox low. I still haven't found a way to do this on the BB yet (I'm sure it's there, just don't know where).

So, with cautious optimism I head into day 2. Don't know if this will stick. Although I've given away the Palm so if it doesn't it'll be another toy for me.