Wifi on mass transit - Good Thing or the end of the last bastion of serenity?

Engadget is running a story about Hong Kong installing wifi on their mass transit system. I don't want to sound like a luddite here but I'm not sure it's a good thing.

My ride to and from work is the only part of my day where I am truly detached from the world. With Wifi and cell service in the city I am available to folks all day long, from morning til night. I use the time when I commute to reboot the mind and get set for the rest of the day, I'm sure I'm not the only one.

This generation is the first generation that has less personal time then the one before it. Gone are the days of the 40 hour work weeks; 50-60 hours are now the norm. Gone is the idea of a corporation training an employee to advance, if you're not spending your nights preparing for advancement you're not going to advance. Gone are the days of leaving the office behind you on vacation, there have been numerous articles on the topic of people checking their email and voicemail and actually working on their vacations. This is the reason I've become a consultant to be honest, employees are treated like consultants with health benefits.

To me there are 2 places to detach from the world. One is Mass Transit. The other is and airplane (don't get me started on cell service on an airplane... it's another rant). Please don't take them away from me.