Problems with Sprint, Pt 2 - The Fun Continues

Continuing on from yesterday's post about Friday's issues with Sprint (read for the details). I called Sprint at 3PM today, in defiance of "the threat" to determine why my data plan still wasn't working.

After 20 mins of hold time I got to speak to a support representative. She looked up my ticket, I told her my story, she told me that the network folks did what they needed to get things working and I informed her that the device is still not working.

She has me try and reprovision the device, which fails. She then has me pull the battery while she performs some magic on her side, which is less then successful. Finally she has me wipe the phone's data and start from scratch by setting it to factory defaults (basicly when in doubt, reinstall the OS). This also doesn't work.

She decides that deleting and adding the blackberry data plan might help. This will take 4 hours. She will be calling me in 4 hours to let me know if the errors on her side went away.

Here's the kicker. If this doesn't work, she has informed me that it will be 36 hours to get the problem resolved. As I was fooled once, I asked if she means hours or business hours. She means business hours. When I point that we're talking about another week, she answers that it's 36 hours, not a week. I point out that if the clock started right now, I wouldn't have service until next monday, a full week from now, and she relented. (I'm pretty sure Sprint's estimates are designed to sound like less time then they are ... 14 hours instead of 2 days, 36 hours instead of a week, etc).

I've also been notified that they can't credit my account for the unused time on my blackberry account until we resolve the problem.