Since I've been upgrading this site, I've been going through my old content including content that's in my CMS but unpublished (things I took down). I found a number of strongly worded pieces from early 2006 about the Duke Lacrosse Case where I supported the accuser. A lot of the rhetoric you hear today I said then (no woman would make this up, she was being shamed because she was a stripper, racism, etc).  I was certain that she was attached by these boys.

Of course a cop with a grudge against Duke students and a prosecutor who needed a visible big victory  added up to a poor identification, and lies about DNA evidence.

Since then I have made an effort to never believe or disbelieve an accuser without real proof or a conviction.  I do believe that you must take all charges seriously.  Lines like "boys will be boys" and "he's just that way" are not acceptable (if you think about it, that's saying that some believes the accuser, but aren't taking it seriously). 

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For the record, I freaking hate what Wordpress Users are doing to the description field in RSS feeds. You don't need to link to the content in the description, there's a field for that in the feed.

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Had some tough Drupal 7 deployments to do this evening.  Although things can be a little ore complicated in Drupal 8, I really prefer the built in configuration management.  It certainly makes updates and deployments much easier.

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