I have a conflicted mixed opinion on DACA

    For a number of reasons I support the Dreamers, the biggest of which is that in America we don't punish children for the actions of their parents. If someone's parent dies insolvent, the debt isn't transferred to their children. If a parent breaks a law, we don't send their children to jail. Each generation starts clean. So, it stands to reason, if a child is brought into this county illegally, lives here and is ingrained in this culture, they shouldn't be sent to their country of origin. They are as much a victim in this an anyone else.

    On this other hand;

    I am not a fan of law being created in the executive branch. If for no other reason then it can be changed at the whim of one person. Yes, Congress can be slower, but that's intentional. It allows a steadiness. Yes, it's hard to pass a law sometimes, it's just has hard to repeal it (see: health care).

    Where I believe President Obama had the best intentions, as a Constitution Scholar he knew that some President down the road could just pull the rug out from under the dreamers. He knew this was at best a temporary solution. All executive actions are temporary in this county.

    Now, I'm going to say something that will anger... many of you. President Trump gave us a gift. Legally he could have ended DACA immediately. Instead there is time to act within the system. So here's what I propose:

    Instead of lamenting about this on facebook, get on the phone with your congress critters, have them blow the dust off the Dream Act and pass it clean: no riders, no amendments, no budget allocations for bridges in Alaska. Pass it Now! While it's in the public eye. Don't wait for the 6 months.

  • 1st Attempt Shooting Star Trails

    So this isn't what I thought it would be but it was a 1st attempt...

    I was trying to shoot star trails but had issues with condensation on my lens. I tried cleaning the lens between shots but the camera must have moved slightly so it isn't as sharp as I wanted.

    Did some research next time I'll try attaching some of those pocket hand warmers to the lens.

    For those interested The picture is composted from 180 shots taken over 2 hours.

  • Today in mildly offensive emails.

    Please have the guts to sign your name.

  • Thoughts About the LIRR Class Action Lawsuit

    For the last few months I've been living in the same horrible conditions on the LIRR as many of my friends and I understand the frustration and wanting to get something out of the MTA to punish them for the poor conditions, delays and constant late trains. I've lost time, money and credibility due to the constant unpredictability of the LIRR. I have clients that won't hire people from Long Island and NJ because they're tired of it. I understand. I'm mad.

    The only thing that will make me madder is this lawsuit. Let's think about it:

    First off, from what I've seen in live class action lawsuits only enrich lawyers. Think about it... the plaintiffs get a small credit for services, the lawyers make millions. Looking at last couple of class action suits in which I received an award, I expect the settlement will be a free zone 1 city ticket,

    The MTA isn't a profit making company. It gets money in one of 2 ways: through fares and taxes. Both of which you and I pay. I'm willing to bet anyone "folding money" that any benefit I get will cost me more in the long run in fare and tax increases.

    All this feels like a quick way to transfer tax dollars to lawyers.

    I'm not saying that the MTA shouldn't be held responsible, perhaps through the ballet box, but suing them will cost us more then we benefit.

  • I'm just ahead of my time.

    20 years ago I wished that computers only had 1 style port that anything would connect to (power, keyboard, printer, monitor, etc). It would take the mystery out of setting up a computer. One where direction didn't matter (there would be no upside down). "Plug it in anywhere" would be the setup directions.

    1) Apple finally caught up with my imagination

    2) Everyone thinks I'm an idiot.

  • I don't understand the inconsistency in people.

    I have friends who were very pro Bill Clinton in spite of his sexual scandals. Defended the former President's actions, shot down and belittled his accusers. Twenty years later they are anti-Trump because of sexual scandals.

    OTOH, I have friends who are very pro Trump in spite of his treatment of women. They defend him, and attack his accusers. Twenty years ago, all they could talk about was Bill Clinton's morals and character.

    I can only conclude that either:

    1) Many of my friends' attitudes towards woman and sexual assault have flipped 180 degrees in the past 20 years.


    2) We are so consumed in #teamred vs #teamblue that nothing else matters.

    20 Years ago I was anti Bill Clinton because of his treatment of women. Today I am anti Donald Trump because of his treatment of women. I am neither #teamred nor #teamblue. I believe that the person who leads this county's morals and character matter.

    Do not take this as an endorsement of Hillary. I am just amazed by the hypocrisy of a number of my friends on this matter.

  • Free Speech

    That's right, you don't get free speech on Twitter (nor on Facebook). You are these companies' products and companies get to choose what products they sell.

  • Trumpiness

    Really, how hard is it to say "We are sorry. The speech writer who was helping her put in some sample text for inspiration which was supposed to be changed. Somehow it didn't happen. The writer screw up and has resigned / been fired"?

    Now if Trump has any sense of humor he will be begin his speech, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"

  • My printer

    While going through my SPAM, I found out that my printer has been making calls and looking for information without me.

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