I have a conflicted mixed opinion on DACA

For a number of reasons I support the Dreamers, the biggest of which is that in America we don't punish children for the actions of their parents. If someone's parent dies insolvent, the debt isn't transferred to their children. If a parent breaks a law, we don't send their children to jail. Each generation starts clean. So, it stands to reason, if a child is brought into this county illegally, lives here and is ingrained in this culture, they shouldn't be sent to their country of origin. They are as much a victim in this an anyone else.

On this other hand;

I am not a fan of law being created in the executive branch. If for no other reason then it can be changed at the whim of one person. Yes, Congress can be slower, but that's intentional. It allows a steadiness. Yes, it's hard to pass a law sometimes, it's just has hard to repeal it (see: health care).

Where I believe President Obama had the best intentions, as a Constitution Scholar he knew that some President down the road could just pull the rug out from under the dreamers. He knew this was at best a temporary solution. All executive actions are temporary in this county.

Now, I'm going to say something that will anger... many of you. President Trump gave us a gift. Legally he could have ended DACA immediately. Instead there is time to act within the system. So here's what I propose:

Instead of lamenting about this on facebook, get on the phone with your congress critters, have them blow the dust off the Dream Act and pass it clean: no riders, no amendments, no budget allocations for bridges in Alaska. Pass it Now! While it's in the public eye. Don't wait for the 6 months.